Postcards: Beatles / Lennon / McCartney / Starr / Harrison / Ono

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Title: The Beatles. No. 541. Printed in Italy. ©The American Postcard Company. Card#BEA001

Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr performing in their Sgt. Pepper's garb.

Title: The Beatles. No. 1208. Printed in Italy. ©The American Postcard Co. Inc., New York.

George, Ringo, Paul and John having their hair groomed by four very attentive young women.

Title: John & Yoko. Photo by David Spindel.  No. 900.
Photograph © 1985 David Spindel. ©1985 The American Postcard Co., Inc. Printed in Italy.
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